A card reading for a full moon in Aquarius

The 8th of August is a full moon day in Aquarius and keywords are “Revolution” and “Reformation”.
Now it’s time to throw off the old customs and make a new flow.
If are there some problems and you haven’t found any solutions at this moment,
you should aware of displaying your creativity and unleashing from chains.

What do you want to change radically or make a big transforming in your life?
In order to how to emphasize your creativity and character for changing the life,
I’m going to show you a card reading.

A card reading for a full moon in Aquarius

Please choose a card from three of them.

The person who chose “The garden”

A key word is “Strength”
However if you have any problems at this moment,
you shouldn’t solve a problem your self only.
Believe the power from higher self which connects with you and streaming of the universe.
The art of solution is a believing the flowing and taking a balance with a harmony.
Please believe your unseen power and creativity.
At first, be conscious you are protected by the power of higher self.

#I recommend you the affirmations for this new moon day#
-I can put that my creativity in my life.
-I can use my power which is unknown and it’s possible to change my life.

The person who chose “The sun”

A Key word is “Mountain”
However now you might be facing the problems,
you have an enough power to clear it.
Now you should make a decision how to go over a mountain.
Climbing or digging a hole under the mountain?
Or across the river near by the mountain?
Now you must decide the way.
Whichever way you may go, you can go over the mountain.
At first, you should decide.
It will become a solution for the problem.

#I recommend you the affirmations for this new moon day#
-When I haven’t decided, I can believe better future and I can choose the best way.
-I can find a solution with an open-minded.

The person who chose “The birds”

A Keyword is “Magical Map Shifter”

In making dreams and wishes come true,
someone who cooperates with you might appear.
I can imagine there is such a large plan inside of you and it will make a progress.
Also, it will bloom and you might see the starting flowering.
Please watch the flower blooming.
And Alternative medicine such as holistic or acupuncture and so on might help you.

I recommend you the affirmations for this new moon day
– I can get closer to my dream with my comrade who is reliable.
– I can accept the transforming my life with staying something blooming inside of me.

Have a lovely full moon day!


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